We’re Half Way Through 2023 - Let's Make It A Good Year! image

We’re Half Way Through 2023 - Let's Make It A Good Year!

Your Year-Round Support Helps To Keep Us Going

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We’re Half Way Through 2023 - Let's Make It A Good Year!

The Carr Center Gallery opened in October 2019, soon to be followed by the Carr Center Performance Studio. But COVID redefined “soon”. After three long years “Soon” came in October last year.Three long years. BUT, we did it! Our beautiful new space – though not yet fully completed – is open and has been wildly successful.

The support of our donors helped to make it happen!

The Performance Center has hosted New Standards, the multi-media installation curated by Carr Center Artistic Director Terri Lyne Carrington, featuring art from Carmen Lundy (sculpture), Monica Haslip (painting), Jazzmeia Horne (fashion), Ramsess (guilts); Detroit’s own Sabrina Nelson (mixed media); Yvette Rock (painting)and many more.What began in Detroit, will go to Boston July, and maybe soon to a city near you

The Performance Studio has also hosted multiple SRO events: film screenings with Trinity International Film Festival; OperaSoul with Kisma Jordan; dance curated by Robin Wilson; and jessica Care more’s Vibe Sessions . We’ve been excited to see our audiences’ excitement about the new venue. Lots of old friends together with lots of new faces.

You’ve enjoyed the new space, but we need to complete it. We need to complete all of the “back of house” areas to support everything that you experience on stage and will add to the amenities.

To make it all happen, we need your continued support.

We’ve set a goal of raising $20,000 each quarter through the remainder of 2023 through on-line gifts from individuals like you. Help us to make this a reality. Consider a recurring gift each quarter ($100 per quarter is $200 for this year; $25 per quarter is $50 for the year) or each month ($100 per month is $600 for this year; $25 per month is $150 for thia year).

Help us get the third quarter off to a great start. Make your donation today – a one-time donation or recurring gift – any amount helps to move the needle.